Glacial Till

One of the features I love about WordPress is the ability to not only see the number of daily visitors to your site, but what led them to your site in the first place. This is shown as either a link from another website or it can come from search terms. As I was going through my statistics, I noticed someone had stumbled upon my blog while looking for information about glacial till formations. Unfortunately, not a single piece of information about glacial till can be found on my blog. My current interests don’t even include glaciers. However, I liked the concept of glacial till enough to snag it as my blog name. And let me explain why.

For the non-geologists, glacial till is one type of glacial sedimentary deposit. Much like rivers, glaciers wend their way through valleys (called fjords) eroding the landscape around them. Although they do this at a much slower rate than rivers the concept is still the same. The main difference is that glaciers can and will move any size of sediment around them. They act like giant conveyor belts that move sediment towards the front and deposit it at the toe of the glacier. This sediment is what geologists refer to as unsorted. Or in other words, it comes in all different sizes. So, one would expect to find boulders, gravel and smaller pieces of rock all within the same deposit.

How does this relate to my blog?

Well, at this point, I’m not interested in just one thing. I like to pick up everything around me and “deposit” it in my blog. Whether it’s geology, astronomy, general science, beer or even stuff I’m covering in school, it’s all fair game. It helps me to learn and retain information about things that interest and excite me. In time I’ll decide which area of geology to concentrate on, and if I’m still blogging, the content will become more refined as well. Until then I’ll continue to blog about the random pieces of science that catch my attention.