A reason to procrastinate homework

Yes, I procrastinate homework. It’s how I keep my sanity while chain-reading one meteorites paper after the other or working on physics. Sometimes my procrastination leads to finding something cool or I stare aimlessly at my Twitter or Facebook feed. Today I found a video on Vimeo that was put together by someone using pictures from the Cassini Mission over at JPL. I think that was passed around the blogosphere awhile ago, but it’s still cool and worthy to invoke some procrastination time.

Fresh close-ups of Enceladus from Cassini

These images of Enceladus were released just a few minutes ago by Carolyn Porco, the awesome principal investigator for the Cassini Mission. They haven’t been through photoshop or cleaned up in anyway, but they still look gorgeous in their unprocessed state. These pictures are made available through CICLOPS (Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Operations) which is the team responsible for gathering all the visual goodness that Cassini acquires. I highly recommend checking out their website as they have a ton of great information and pictures concerning the Saturnian system.

Enceladus and the rings of Saturn (Image from NASA/JPL)

Relatively smooth surface of Enceladus gives way to craters in the bottom portion of the image (Image from NASA/JPL)

This image shows the stark difference in terrain- older craters in the center juxtaposed against the younger, sinew like ridges on the left (Image from NASA/JPL)