Meteorite Monday: Or not…

I’ll admit, I kinda let the ball drop on this week’s Meteorite Monday. Normally, I try to get this post done a few days ahead of time, but this weekend has been filled with work, chemistry, petrology readings and completing scholarship essays so I can get some research money.

However, I do have a neat post planned that talks about a recent paper that was published by some researchers at MIT. In the paper, “Chondrites as samples of differentiated planetesimals”, Elkins-Tanton et al., postulate that carbonaceous chondrites could have originated from asteroids that experienced differentiation. This challenges the current paradigm that such chondrites actually come from bodies that didn’t grow large enough to develop a core and mantle. Some have speculated that if true, this could change the way we view the formation of the planets. It’s a good read and if you have time, I’d recommend giving it a look over.

The Allende Meteorite- One of the meteorites used in the Elkins-Tanton et al., study.