Post Winter term musings and LPSC 2013!


Currently I’m sitting in the Portland airport thinking about the whirlwind of a term that just ended. If I could sum up this term into a single phrase, it’d be the one that a few friends have said: I don’t know how you do it. And to be honest, I’m not sure either. This term the Freethinkers, the campus skeptic group, helped co-sponsor and organize a talk by noted Interfaith/queer/atheist speaker, Chris Stedman. As one of the co-officers I had to  communicate with local CFI leaders and coordinate with the school to pull off such an event. There were other activities we were involved in as well- all of which I received substantial support from school advisers and other members of the group.

While that was going, I was working with my other adviser, Melinda Hutson, on building our poster for the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston. It was a lot of work, but it looks great and I’m excited to present our findings to whomever wonders their way over to my little section of the conference venue. Here’s where you can see the poster and it’s accompanying abstract.

As I was working on that, I applied for and received a scholarship through the McNair foundation that will allow me to conduct research this summer. There’s a generous stipend involved and I’ll be able to pretty much do full time research that will go towards the paper that will discuss my meteorite. Did I mention that while all this was going on I had my studies to attend to, as well? And I have a part time job.

Just when I thought no term could be busier than the Fall, Winter comes along and proves me wrong.

But you know what? I loved it (for the most part). I could have done with more sleep, but I got everything done. The last two weeks have been especially brutal as I had to finish all my finals and projects a week early in order to attend  my first ever LPSC. And now, I sit in the airport waiting for my flight to Houston. There I will have the chance to network and learn from others in my field and gain a better perspective of what it takes to grow and succeed in the planetary sciences.

I’m going to be one of the microbloggers and I’ll be tweeting all the cool science that’s discussed at the various meetings. I plan on sticking with the meteorite related material, but there’s a whole session on science outreach for which I am particularly excited. You can find these tweets on this blogs homepage at the right side of the screen. I plan on doing some blog posts to sum up what I’m learning, as well.

All in all, I can’t image a better end to my term. Here’s hoping the Spring term will allow me to get back to a somewhat regular blogging routine.

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