Fireball spotted over Russia

Some pretty stunning footage is coming out of Russia of a possible fireball. I’m saying possible because some news outlets are also claiming that the Russians shot the thing down while in mid-flight. While I don’t doubt that a fireball was spotted over Russian skies, I do doubt the Russians ability to shoot it down. Such a task would require that the Russians knew of its entry well before it entered the earth’s atmosphere and produced an explosion. My feeling is that anything of that size would have been found by more agencies than just the Russian military. I’m gonna follow this pretty closely and see what comes of it all. Until then enjoy the video’s of the fireball and the accompanying explosion.

And the explosion…


Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, has put up an excellent preliminary article about the Russian fireball.

I’ll continue to add links and updates as they come through. Exciting stuff!

2 thoughts on “Fireball spotted over Russia

  1. I think that finding teensy pieces of ordinary chondrite confirms it being a meteor. No one has said what kind of ordinary chondrite, but it looks pretty light colored (where there isn’t fusion crust), and L6’s are pretty common, so I’ll hazard an L chondrite,probably and L6 chondrite. People keep asking where the bigger pieces of the meteorite are? That was a BIG explosion. I’d expect most of the pieces to have been broken into teeny fragments, although I could be wrong. There may not be any big pieces, just lots and lots of teeny fragments–we’ll see.

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