This. Is. Amazing.

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Researchers, Teachers and Students should take note of the new NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory website based around infographics!

Infographics are those colorful graphics with lots of data that you have probably seen a lot of lately.  They are a popular way to quickly explain complex information in a visually interesting and easy to understand way.

JPL wants to help you to create great infographics.  They’ve made it easy to get data sets for various missions, planets, spacecraft, stars, and other space related information.  Just find the subject your’e interested in, download the data sets, decide how you’d like to talk about the information, then use one of JPL’s current infographics as inspiration for your own.  Users can upload new infographics for feedback or find pre-made graphics for use in classrooms, projects, etc.

Check out the JPL Infographics website today and show us your research and graphical skills!

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