A very thought provoking infographic and post.

Science-Based Life

The vastness of the universe, the incredible scale of time, the unthinkable complexity of the cell, it’s almost too much to comprehend. Indeed, it is too much to think about in a readily understandable way. Sure, astronomers have come to understand the most cosmic of scales and biologists have courageously explored the amazingly tangled interactions of the cell, but thinking in this way does not come easily to us. What is to blame? Why can’t we use our adapted brains to explore and understand these extreme scales, as we do with phenomena roughly on a human-sized scale? We need to look to the underpinnings of human cognition: our evolutionary history.

Our ancestors lived in a “middle-world.” The objects and interactions that they had to worry about were middle-sized, moving at a middle-speed, changing in middle-time. For example, imagine proto-humans occupying the plains of Africa eons ago. A significant evolutionary…

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