Learning to rework the blogging muscles

I’ll admit it. If blogging were a muscle, mine would be soft and pudgy. School effectively curtailed my blogging time and dealt me a worse problem than a lack of material with which to work: I fell out of the habit of blogging. And I am quickly learning that getting back into that habit is more challenging than the writing itself. Even my Meteorite Monday posts, which were meant to give me an easy writing outlet, became a victim to my procrastination.

So to help myself get back into the habit of blogging, I offer up one of the coolest videos that has ever come out of NASA/JPL. It’s a video that shows some of the challenges of landing the latest Mars rover, Curiosity, on the red planet. Some will probably deride the video for being overly dramatic and looking like a slicked up Hollywood production. And it does look that way, but the science is real and the people at JPL did a great job communicating the excitement that comes from doing honest, real science.


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