When a theologian tries to sound like a scientist

Generally speaking, I make it a rule of thumb to avoid topics of religion on my blog. Most know where I stand on the subject and I’d prefer to avoid the possible conflicts that such posts invite. However, there are times when I feel like I must tackle some of the idiocy that I see from the fundamentalist crowd (especially in light of the N.C. vote on same-sex marriage). Case in point: Our dear friend Mr. Pat Robertson.

I generally don’t give much heed to what this man says. I find him to be illogical, misinformed, and ignorant on every topic to which he flaps his gums. Take for example this little gem of a video. He blathers on about biologists speculating on a topic for which they are not trained: theology. He further contends that biologists weren’t around to witness the origin of life, so they should stay quiet on that subject, too.

Here is some admonition Mr. Robertson: follow your own advice. You are not a biologist nor trained in any scientific field. You’re a theologian trained in a field that can’t agree on the basic tenets of its belief system. So please stay quiet on the subject of biology and science in general. You’re right in saying that biologists weren’t present to see how life started, but neither were you. Biologists study life and, as such, have a much better and plausible explanation than what your “theory of religion” allows. So leave science to us and we’ll leave quackery and fleecing of the American public to you. It is what you do best after all.

And one final issue: please leave the geologists out of your incoherent diatribes. We do not want nor need your approval.

6 thoughts on “When a theologian tries to sound like a scientist

    • Agreed. The universe and the start of life would have began regardless if we cared enough to study it. We’re just fortunate enough to have the capacity to do so.

    • I really have no clue. The man is a rambling, incoherent mess. I think he’s just saying that scientists shouldn’t speculate on what they don’t know. But in Robertson’s’ mind everything exists because God willed it. And since Robertson considers himself a man called of God, he also considers himself the only person who can speak of the origin of life. Ergo, he’s a supposed expert on the subject while the biologists aren’t.

  1. Nicely said πŸ™‚ I can’t even watch the clip. Pat Robertson makes me rage, and I’m already doing enough of that writing my thesis.

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