A reason to procrastinate homework

Yes, I procrastinate homework. It’s how I keep my sanity while chain-reading one meteorites paper after the other or working on physics. Sometimes my procrastination leads to finding something cool or I stare aimlessly at my Twitter or Facebook feed. Today I found a video on Vimeo that was put together by someone using pictures from the Cassini Mission over at JPL. I think that was passed around the blogosphere awhile ago, but it’s still cool and worthy to invoke some procrastination time.

2 thoughts on “A reason to procrastinate homework

  1. Its good to see you with a blog post again. I hope all that research & school work doesn’t keep you away for too long. Its important to take breaks from it once in a while. Is it going well?

    • School and my research project are going well, but very busy. We’re currently in the process of collecting chemical data on our thin sections and then we start the actual writing part of the paper. It’s gonna keep me pretty busy for the next few weeks.

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