A short blogging hiatus

The next week and a half are going to be pretty quiet on the blogging front. This week marks the last full of week of classes before finals descend upon the student populace. As such, my time will be spent studying equations of motion for physics and practicing elementary row operations for linear algebra. I may be able to squeeze out a small post in the next week, but it’s doubtful.

However, my next post will mark my 100th post on this blog! Which is pretty exciting for me. I have a great entry planned to mark the occasion and, in a somewhat sardonic way, celebrate the holiday season.

See ya’ll soon!


2 thoughts on “A short blogging hiatus

  1. Best of luck with everything! Let me know if you need any help – I may be teh suck at linear algebra and have only a layperson’s idea of physics, but I can cheerlead and proofread.

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