Meteorite Monday: Will return next week….

Because I am really behind on school work and I am also in charge of taking the glass display case for the meteorite lab and turning it from this…

It's kinda barren right now, but wait till I get done with it.

into something with actual rocks and a poster. No, we’re not filling it with meteorites, but with meteor”wrongs”. These are samples people suspected of being meteorites, but were either slag or terrestrial basalt. The part that’s taking the most time is the poster. I’m quickly becoming familiar with all sorts of Adobe programs. I’m doing all this in preparation for the annual fund-raising auction that Cascadia Meteorite Lab holds every year. So, on that note I’m going to get my head back into the books and try to get the display case looking glorious. I’ll be sure to post pics when I’m done with it.

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