One Year Blogiversary of Glacial Till

Today marks my first year of blogging on WordPress. Technically I started blogging a year ago in June with Glacial Till’s first incarnation on Tumblr. After a few posts, some of which I imported to this blog, I realized Tumblr wasn’t for me and decided to migrate on over to WordPress. It was with this post that I was forcefully abducted warmly welcomed into the geoblogosphere. How flattered I was to see Ron Schott retweet my first post and have it picked up by other geologists on Twitter! Since that day I’ve been fortunate to have so many accomplished geologists and earth scientists to pester and ask questions. My thanks and eternal gratitude to each one of you!

This one year post marks my 75th entry on Glacial TIll and to celebrate I’ve decided to put together a list of some of my favorite posts. There’s no particular order nor parameter by which these were chosen. Some were popular with readers, while others were just personal favorites.

  1. Blogging as an undergrad
  2. Blogging as an undergrad, pt. 2
  3. Questions about the peer review process and the NASA drama
  4. Mt. Hood ho!
  5. Thoughts on the Intel NW Science Fair
  6. Meteorite Monday: my first meteorite
  7. The Great Oregon Shakeout
  8. AW #35- Welded Tuff
  9. Aluminium, Alzheimer’s and cranks
  10. How a small Oregon town continues to teach me about geology

My goal for the next year of blogging is to improve my science writing and communication skills. With so many great science writers and scientists blogging, I have plenty of resources to draw from. I also hope to expand my Meteorite Monday series to include more of what I’m learning in the lab. I’m very lucky to work with the graduate students and professors of the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory and I want to continue sharing those things with my readers.

I’m also considering a weekly post on various skepticism topics. Skepticism is important to me because it employs critical thought and rational thinking. So many people get taken in by cranks that peddle psuedoscience such as anti-vaccination & autism claims and global warming denial. Such beliefs are based on poor science, have no grounds in reality, but have major real world implications.

With that being said, I’m going to end this by thanking my readers and those who have encouraged and inspired me to continue writing. I do this for you as much as I do it for myself.

5 thoughts on “One Year Blogiversary of Glacial Till

  1. I’m glad I was able to play a small role in helping the geoblogosphere discover you. Keep up the great work – I’m looking forward to many more years of geoblogging here.

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