Still Alive

Things have been rather quite on the blog lately. My initial goal at the beginning of the term was to squeeze out at least a post a week, but as the semester picked up and midterms started, my time to actually write something of substance decreased in a rather linear fashion. I didn’t want to put out a ton of short posts with little content just for the sake of blogging. Too many short posts lend a feeling a vapidness to the blog.

I do have a longer post planned about the stuff I’m learning in mineralogy. We’ve been doing  a lot of optical mineralogy and the last lab dealt with processing electron microprobe data. The latter is particularly exciting because I now have the tools necessary to deal with the EMP data from my meteorite analysis last summer.  So, I’m currently slogging my way through that in order to create some ternary diagrams that I plan on posting with the next update. And I’ll possibly geek out over the two pieces of software I played with to create the diagrams. With any luck I’ll have that post up in the next couple of weeks before finals week rears its ugly head.


1 thought on “Still Alive

  1. Always good to know you’re still alive. 🙂 I’m trying to get more consistent with posting regularly too. It’s a little easier now that it’s part of my job, but that just decreases my motivation to ever update my personal blog.

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