International Year of Chemistry

A couple years ago, UNESCO, the science and culture education arm of the UN, declared 2009 to be the International Year of Astronomy. This year they’re promoting 2011 as the International Year of Chemistry . Personally, I think this is a smart way to combat the blatant ignorance behind the anti-vaccine movement, the global warming denialists and the plethora of psuedoscience and woo that people espouse on a daily basis. The great thing about this is that it highlights chemistry’s contributions to society and how it will help humanity tackle some of our largest problems such as renewable energy and clean drinking water.

So, to help promote this understanding, the IYC released this amusing video to show what a day without chemistry would look like. Afterwards, I highly recommend heading over to their website and finding ways to participate in the celebration. After all we as scientists use chemistry on  a daily basis to explain how our nook of the world behaves and operates. Let’s return some of that love.



2 thoughts on “International Year of Chemistry

  1. I think that an International Year of Chemistry is particularly important because people see chemistry as a bad thing, a science which is only used to produce poisons. People don’t realize that’s because of the works of hundreds of chemists that doctors have medicines to give to the sick, and that’s because of our knowledge of chemistry that we have batteries in our cellphones and computers. In fact, I see chemistry as one of the less thanked “major” sciences.

    • I think the misconceptions extend to all branches of science in general. However, chemistry is at the heart of all the hard sciences. So, to not understand chemistry is to not understand science. And to almost the same extent, the same can be said of physics.

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