I want in on this party

If you’ve paid any attention to my twitter feed the past couple of days, you may have noticed my rants about my chemistry midterm. It didn’t exactly go well and it left me in a rather foul mood. So as a “motivation” fellow geotweep @mthellfire sent me this video.


2 thoughts on “I want in on this party

  1. I love that video!

    I found undergrad chem, taught virtually free of any real-world context, challenging. Then, when I got into more geochem, it clicked into place.

    If you’ll consider some unsolicited advice:

    – try and figure out your stumbling block. Is it not interesting? Is there a particular concept that’s not sticking? Is there a disconnect between the teaching style & your learning style?

    – if it’s not engaging, talk to some of your geo profs & ask if they can give you examples of how it’s relevant in geo. Sometimes it helps it make more sense, or at least provides more motivation.

    – use the resources available – prof and TA office hours, study groups, tutoring. Most profs want you to succeed; if they see you are making an effort, they’ll work with you to help you better understand the material. There’s no “shame” in using these resources; it’s actually a smart thing to do. (Plus, it helps you outside the class — you make connections with profs and other students who might be good connections down the road in other classes and for jobs and other opportunities.)

    Above all, don’t let it get you down.

    • Thanks for the advice!

      My biggest problem with chemistry is just being able to fit all the pieces together. It’s not the math that gets me, it’s understanding how the concepts fit together. I told Lockwood that sometimes I feel like I’m putting together a puzzle without the box art to show me what my final product is. I talked to my professor and she also gave me some excellent advice on how to better utilize my study time.

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