Where on Google Earth #213

So, here’s my contribution to the great geoblogosphere tradition that is “Where on Google Earth”. Just like in WoGE#212 tell me where the image is and a brief run down of the geology of the area. The lucky winner will then be responsible for starting the next WoGE and hosting it on their blog. Good luck!


6 thoughts on “Where on Google Earth #213

  1. Woohoo! It’s good to solve a fresh WoGE again. This view is at 2.6385S and 42.6907W. (View it in Google Earth here.)

    Dunefield on the lower reaches of the Rio Preguiças, northeast of Barreirinhas, Brazil. The prevailing winds are blowinng WSW in off the Atlantic Ocean coast and blowing dunes back off the beach into the estuary of the meandering Rio Preguiças.

    • Damn you’re good! That was far faster than I was expecting anyone to get it. I was thinking I might have to give out hints if it was too remote a location. The name of the park is Lencois Maranhese (insert a c-cedilla in place of the “c” to get the proper spelling). The word “lencois” translates into “sheets” in english. Must have to do with all the white dunes that are piled up like sheets.

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    • I’ve seen pictures of the dunes from friends that have made it down there. Unfortunately I didn’t make it further south than Sao Luis (the capitol of Maranhao). How did you like Terezina?

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