Fall Term

This week was the start of the Fall Term at Portland State University. I’m excited for this term because I’m starting my lower level geology courses that aren’t part of the general education requirements for the other majors. This term I’ll be taking geomorphology and we’re using Process Geomorphology by Dale F. Ritter. According to my professor, this text is generally used in upper level courses, but they decided it was best to start early and get the students used to dealing with some of the equations. The lab for the course will be a lot of fun. We’re starting with building our own sensors (which included a crash course in physics and engineering), moving into angle of repose and predicting slope failure with various sediments and we’ll learn how to use LIDAR images to determine probability of landslides in one of Portland’s suburbs. And this Saturday we’ll be going to Mt. Hood to hike around and see the various glacial deposits and erosional features. I’ll be sure to take a few pictures and post them afterwards.

My other classes are trigonometry and the first general chemistry course. Trig is huge for me since this is the furthest I’ve ever made it in math. I struggled horrendously with it in high school and didn’t want anything to do with it after graduation. However, I’ve learned to like it since it then and my confidence in tackling math problems has gone up. So far I’ve managed all B’s and if you saw my high school math grades, you’d know what an accomplishment this is for me.

The same can be said for chemistry- I took it in high school and nearly failed it. To this day, I think the instructor took pity and passed me. So, to be taking it in college is a bit nerve wracking. However, my math skills and desire to learn the material are better this time around, so I’m confidant that I’ll do much better at it.

With that being said, I am going to wrap up this post. Normally I’d stress over the appropriate ending, but I’m fairly tired and ready to go to bed. So, instead I’ll just wish everyone a good night (or good day as it may be for some).


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