just for kicks

While I work on my next post, I thought I’d put up one of my favorite youtube videos. It’s always good for a laugh. I especially like how Mr. Adams tells geologists and physicists they are all wrong. Apparently drawing comic books makes one smarter than those who actually study the earth for a living.

8 thoughts on “just for kicks

  1. earth is living thing and growing and expanding like a tree. it is covered with thick bark and having cellular core.meteoroids are seeds of planets produced by an old cosmic object and germinating in asteroids and after that some asteroids are converting in planets.one planet is a result of one meteoroid only. this is complete mechanism

    • Philosophically and spiritually, I could understand your statement about the earth expanding like a tree. However, scientifically, there is no factual basis for such claims. Subduction does occur at various plate boundaries across the earth. Any intro to geology course will explain how we know these things and how they fit into earths’ tectonic history. If subduction did not occur, then the expansion of the earth might seem plausible.

      You are somewhat correct that meteroids are seeds of planets. That’s what I find so fascinating about meteoritics. You basically get to study the remains of the formation of the solar system. And a few of those meteroids could possibly have come from failed planets. However, one meteoroid doesn’t make one planet. They are actually formed from multiple meteroids over time in a protoplanetary disk.

    • That’s a really good idea! I could do it either as a blog post or just a follow up in the comments section from the original post. Personally, I think a new blog post will probably be better…

  2. If interested, I chronicled my interaction w/ some Expanding Earthers in three posts a couple years ago:

    These are still on my old blog, haven’t been migrated over yet:




    Haven’t thought about this stuff in a while, have fun!

  3. interesting.. i have thought about the reason that earthquake shockwaves bounce off and around the earths inner core..

    since the gravity at the core is essentially 0.. throw in the rotational force.. it makes a slight negative gravity away from the center of rotation… the hot magna needs to off gas.. this is under tremendous pressure.. this creates a plasma ball at the center.. like a balloon under extreme pressure any shockwave will travel around the outside instead of straight through.
    throw in the moon and the suns attraction as the earth rotates there might be tidal surges along the outer surface of the core.. this could cause increased heating and more off gassing.. this expanding ball of plasma.. might be enough to expand the surface of the earth like is described in the video..

    spin a partially filled container of liquid.. you will see the depression in the center as the liquid is pushed away from the center.. if there were any bubbles in the liquid.. and this experiment was done in zero G… would the bubbles all flow toward the center… i wonder if the ISS has any tubular containers they could partially fill with liquid and spin… would the liquid stick to the sides of the tube allowing a straight sided center of the air in the container..

    this experiment would only replicate the force of the rotation.. not the attraction of gravity pulling in all directions at the same time… (on the surface .. the gravity is pulling you down and an lessor amount sideways.. in all downward directions)

    i know that what i have posted sounds crazy… but it could explain the expanding earth video above..

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